Q. Why does a turbo-charged vehicle gain so much more power as a result of tuning/re-mapping than a normally aspirated vehicle?

A. The turbocharger is a device for compressing air into the Engine Cylinder above atmospheric pressure. The level to which it is pumped is determined by the turbocharger size and the waste gate actuator. This conditioned air allows much more fuel to be burnt within a given cubic capacity cylinder size than can be achieved under normal atmospheric pressure. The engine management system is modified in timing and fuelling so that the engine effectively responds as if it has larger CC. This extra air/fuel can achieve in some instances 100% more power and torque through re-mapping. The normally aspirated engine can achieve 10% more power and torque by careful programming of fuel pulse and ignition maps and further power is available if camshafts, exhaust pipes, air filters and high octane fuel are in use.

Q. Why was my vehicle not given this extra power from the factory?

A. The engineers who developed the engines know this extra power and torque is available, however, due to some engines enormous operational range encountered around the world such as varying fuel octane, air temperatures and altitudes a safe all round compromise is adopted by the manufacturers to suit all these conditions and fuel economy and exhaust emissions regulations. Compromises are also left in the programmes to cater for the owners who refuse to follow service schedules and insist on using the worst fuel possible. Our task as a Re-mapping company is to clear these compromises and produce a program more suited to the enthusiastic driver who looks after their vehicle and knows what they want from an engine. We optimise the software that runs your engine in many different ways, yet we still leave the reserves necessary to assure absolute reliability.

Q. In what rpm range is the extra power released?

A. On most vehicles you will feel the power over the entire power band of the engine, but especially in the lower and middle rev range.

Q. Will a remap reduce my engines life expectancy?

A. No, The power reserves of the engine are so large, that you don't have to expect more engine wear. We optimise the fuel and ignition curves, without exceeding the limits of your car's engine.

Q. What about my fuel consumption?

A. With same driving style, improvements in fuel consumption of up to 20% are possible, especially in turbo diesel powered engines.

Q. Can I use my original ecu software again?

A. All that is changed is the software within your ecu. We keep a copy of your original software on file so we can simply programme it back should you require us to do so.

Q. Will I need to upgrade the chassis or brakes?

A. No, on 90% of vehicles, you don't need to upgrade the chassis or brakes after the re-mapping.

Q. Can the re-map be detected by dealer servicing?

A. No. Your car dealer cannot determine a software modification with his equipment, since our software is designed to be invisible to all engine diagnostic equipment.

Q. Will my engine run hotter after re-mapping?

A. The temperature, at worst, will rise by a very small amount (only on full power). On average, this is between 5 - 8 degrees. Most modern cars however have no problem at all dissipating the heat from a mild power upgrade and will not see any temperature change whatsoever.



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