About Remapping

Engine remapping is also known as 'chipping'.

Whilst we would all like a little more power from time to time few motorists would want to utilise extras such as bigger exhausts or induction kits for the small power gains they offer. 'Chipping' is therefore a more efficient and aesthetic way to increase your vehicle's performance - including improving throttle response, as well as economy and towing ability.

When carburettors were replaced by injection and engine control units (ECU), the art of tuning became more complicated. Instead of utilising a screwdriver, a computer and software are now needed to tell the ECU what to adjust. These new programs were installed on a micro-chip which plugged into the car's circuit board - hence the term 'chipping'.

So as vehicles have evolved so has the technique with most tuners plugging in a laptop to the diagnostics port and uploading software to adjust the fuelling, drive-by-wire throttle response, turbo control, engine load and torque limiters. This is commonly known as remapping, but some still refer to it as 'chipping'.

Most buyers are interested in improved performance that chipping offers, but it's not only supercars that respond well to the modification. Diesel remapping benefits greatly, with typical power and torque gains of 30%, sometimes up to 50%!!! Petrol units can also see good improvements, with the largest increases found on turbocharged engines.

Why Remap?

Why not?

There are two main reasons for vehicle owners wanting a remap - Power and Torque. At the point your vehicle left the factory there is a very good possibility its performance was purposely tuned down in order to meet product planning objectives or economy and efficiency targets. Nowadays the power and performance of most vehicles is limited, not by any particular mechanical factor, but by the software running in the engine control unit (ECU).



Large power and torque gains are achievable on these engines, up to 25% or more, depending on the type of vehicle. The vehicle will feel more responsive and eager with the power arriving earlier, staying right through the mid-range and not tailing off. Overtaking ability is greatly improved.


Non-Turbo engines can obtain up to 10-15% more power and torque depending on vehicle and engine type. In addition to greater power and torque, we will eliminate drivability issues such as; poor throttle response, flat spots (hesitation) and generally improve the torque or "pull" at lower levels making the vehicle much nicer to drive.


These engines are capable of the most impressive gains from our software, up to 50% or more power and torque is available. These gains depend on the vehicle and engine type with torque always being very impressive on these engines once they have been optimised. Fuel consumption can be improved due to the engines ability to "pull" in higher gears - This is very useful for vans, commercial vehicles, towing, 4x4's and MPV's.

How it Works

Do it in just 4 simple steps.


1. Request a Quote

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2. Receive your Quote

You'll receive a quote with BHP and Torque gains specific to your vehicle.


3. Book a Specialist

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4. Have your car done

Work is carried out for you to enjoy the benefits and the ride!

Fuel Prices

Beat the fuel price rises with a remap for your vehicle and start saving now!

The table on the right shows the savings you could make from remapping your vehicle. The more miles you do or the more money you spend fueling your vehicles, the more money you are going to save.

Figures are based on an average of 15,000 miles per year and a fuel price of £1.50 per litre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a turbo-charged vehicle gain so much more power as a result of tuning/re-mapping than a normally aspirated vehicle?

The turbocharger is a device for compressing air into the Engine Cylinder above atmospheric pressure. The level to which it is pumped is determined by the turbocharger size and the waste gate actuator. This conditioned air allows much more fuel to be burnt within a given cubic capacity cylinder size than can be achieved under normal atmospheric pressure. The engine management system is modified in timing and fuelling so that the engine effectively responds as if it has larger CC. This extra air/fuel can achieve in some instances 100% more power and torque through re-mapping. The normally aspirated engine can achieve 10% more power and torque by careful programming of fuel pulse and ignition maps and further power is available if camshafts, exhaust pipes, air filters and high octane fuel are in use.

Why was my vehicle not given this extra power from the factory?

The engineers who developed the engines know this extra power and torque is available, however, due to some engines enormous operational range encountered around the world such as varying fuel octane, air temperatures and altitudes a safe all round compromise is adopted by the manufacturers to suit all these conditions and fuel economy and exhaust emissions regulations. Compromises are also left in the programmes to cater for the owners who refuse to follow service schedules and insist on using the worst fuel possible. Our task as a Re-mapping company is to clear these compromises and produce a program more suited to the enthusiastic driver who looks after their vehicle and knows what they want from an engine. We optimise the software that runs your engine in many different ways, yet we still leave the reserves necessary to assure absolute reliability.

In what rpm range is the extra power released?

On most vehicles you will feel the power over the entire power band of the engine, but especially in the lower and middle rev range.

Will a remap reduce my engines life expectancy?

No, The power reserves of the engine are so large, that you don't have to expect more engine wear. We optimise the fuel and ignition curves, without exceeding the limits of your car's engine.

What about my fuel consumption, will it be affected?

With same driving style, improvements in fuel consumption of up to 20% are possible, especially in turbo diesel powered engines.

Can the re-map be detected by dealer servicing?

No. Your car dealer cannot determine a software modification with his/her equipment, since our software is designed to be invisible to all engine diagnostic equipment.

Can I use my original ecu software again?

All that is changed is the software within your ecu. We keep a copy of your original software on file so we can simply programme it back should you require us to do so.

You guys do a great job. I have been taking my cars to TME for almost 5 years. I always get a great service and the best prices. Keep up the good work.

John Thompson
Audi A6 2.0 TDi - Coventry

Wow, wow, wow! Both me and my wife were very very sceptical of an ECU Re-map. There are so many companies on the internet providing this service and each seems to claim that their software is better than everyone else's. It is very difficult to choose when there is no yard stick. In the end we decided to go with "Tune My Engine", having read their testimonials and having spoken with their mobile engineer in great detail, we felt confident that we were dealing with a reputable company who surprisingly were also one of the cheapest. The engineer was polite, professional, knowledgeable and curtious at all times and we have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone looking to re-map their engine.

BMW 525d M Sport - Birmingham

Had my car tuned the other week by these guys, and I can't believe the difference, not only is it pokier in 1st - 3rd gears, I'm actually getting better MPG on motorway runs (4-7mpg increase). They offered a professional service, which was quick and with no fuss, and more importantly none of your usual hidden extra charges. I would recommend this to anyone looking for smoother acceleration (But with more grunt!) and those looking for better fuel consumption on the motorway runs.

Audi A6 2.7 TDi Quattro Le Mans - Nottingham

Since having the car remapped I am amazed by the performance increase, in particular the torque is incredible. I'm also seeing around an 8% improvement in MPG. More power and economy, what's not to like!

BMW 535d - Rugby

Since having my car remapped it goes like the wind, it no longer drags, the fuel lasts alot longer. It's unreal, cant beleive it's the same car. The car was done a month ago and I love it. I got the remap done for power and that's what I got. I looked and shopped around but this was the best on the net. I recommend this company if you want to get a remap done for your car.

Vauxhall Astra 1.7 - Derby

I can honestly say that I was more than surprised at the improvement that the remap made on my 407. As soon as I pulled away the difference was there, it was totally different, I had only accelerated 150 yards and I could straight away feel the improvement, with mid range being remarkable - it has a real punch to it. It also seems to just waft along at slower speeds due to all that extra torque.

Peugeot 407 HDi - Nottingham

Fuel economy has improved by around 8 percent and I expect to get the remapping costs back within a year or so. At today's fuel prices it's like getting 10p per litre off the price. Now that makes sense, never mind the power! If you want the best way to increase your cars performance quickly, professionally and safely - Contact the guys at Tune My Engine! Thanks once again..

VW Golf TDi - Derby

I was unsure whether I'd be able to sense much difference given the size of my Cayenne but adding 30BHP to take it to 370BHP is well worth it. There is a noticeable difference right through the rev range and it seems that there is certainly more initial power and it pulls more at top end also. Just as importantly my fuel bills have always been high (as you would expect) and they have come down by around seven per cent which is saving me an arm and a leg! For the money it cost me I would have to say it's a must to have your car remapped.

Porsche Cayenne S (4.5 litre V8) - Woking

I just wanted to say a quick thanks for the remap. The car was fast before, but it's in a different league now. The torque gain is fantastic, and I've also seen an improvement in mpg at the moment after resetting the trip computer.. how can that be? Needless to say I am delighted, the new driving experience is simply astonishing. A very good cost-effective improvement.

Audi A4 TDi - Hereford

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